Ebony XL JUMBO BLACK Rubber Guitar Strap Locks – Famous Classic Design & Great Reliability


These GONZO XL Rubber Strap Locks are 25% bigger in diameter than our standard size, and they’re 11% thicker! More girth, more reach, more more more! These work great on applications where you need just a bit more coverage and tension.

Smart, Simple & Reliable Strap Locks!

Used By Pros All Over The World!

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These classic Rubber Strap Locks have been used for decades by the Pros, and now we have made them available in Black! They are easy to install, and they are very reliable. They slip over the strap peg on just about every electric guitar & bass, as well as most acoustic guitars.

No need to spend lots of money on highly engineered strap locks that require the removal of your factory strap pegs. Simply put your strap on the peg and stretch the Rubber Strap Lock over the peg. You will be amazed at how secure the strap is with these installed. Can be removed very quickly and reused indefinitely.

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